Aticles in FDMC Magazine (woodworkingnetwork)


RAMPA products are mentioned in two articles of the FDMC Magazine published by the woodworkingnetwork:

I) Plywood Processing

“In assembly of components, Mullen credited the Rampa connectors with improving their products. He said it has a steeper angle, more thread starts, bottoms out better, and works well with laminates.”


II) No-tilt insert

“Rampa Tec’s new threaded insert type SKD330 has a patented three external thread design to ensure that the insert aligns with the surface of the material, whether in hardwood, softwood, MDF, or chipboard. With faster processing, greater holding power, and straight installation, the three-thread design eliminates tilting common to other inserts according to the company. The company says the tri-thread contour is designed to cut assembly time by up to 50 percent in comparison with standard inserts for all varieties of wood and wood composites.”