The RAMPAfant introduces himself!


Hello dear RAMPA friend!

For some months, I’ve presented myself now and then on social media and in our mail signature. I tried out being in the spotlight and what shall I say: I really enjoy it and I can think of no better meaning of life. I’m pleased that from now on you will see me more often representing RAMPA. Let’s discover the RAMPA world together!

But before we start this journey, I would like to introduce myself officially: Hi, I’m the RAMPAfant and from now on, I will dance and jump around the RAMPA world and support you as an expert in all aspects concerning our products. Formed by the graphical forms of our RAMPA logo, I picked up the know-how and over 100 years of company experience from birth. I know the RAMPA world inside out and live the company values like all the other engaged and experienced employees. I am so proud to be part of this imaginative, empathic, and reliable team with a hands-on-manner.

At the moment, you can find me not only on Instagram and Facebook, but also in our mail signature and on the flyers for our insert type SKD330. So cool, isn’t it?

We will see each other very soon again to learn more about our products and to keep you up to date on all the latest news.

See you soon,
your RAMPAfant