SKL330 – This superhero has an ETA title instead of a cape


We have a “newcomer” among our 330s that we want to introduce to you! The RAMPA insert type SKL330 joins our popular 330 insert series and is in no way inferior to its colleagues. Quite the opposite, in fact: The SKL330 belongs at the top of our “power products” holding an ETA title.

Advantages of SKL330 at a glance:

  • > Patented 3-start thread contour
  • > Straight and up to 2.5 times faster assembling
  • > Automatic alignment by 3 support points
  • > Maximum load capacities
  • > Maximum load capacity utilization of the assembling area
  • > Universally usable in wood materials (softwood, hardwood, and more!) and thermoplastics
  • > RoHs and CE compliant
  • > ETA-certified
    o load-carrying values can be calculated immediately
    o guaranteed mechanical properties
    o miminum edge-distances

This makes the inserts, which is only threaded over part of its length, ideal for low degrees of prefabrication and direct assembly on site. The insert with ETA title is particularly popular in these areas where safety is paramount:

  • > Stair construction Exterior
  • > Bridge construction
  • > Public construction
  • > Fall protection
  • > Railing fastening
  • > Balcony fastening
  • > Canopy fastening
  • > Awning fastening
  • > Playground equipment
  • > And much more!

Highest product safety thanks to ETA certification

Our new superhero may not wear a cape, but does have an ETA (European Technical Approval) title! This allows us to guarantee the mechanical properties and values of the product for wood applications. With the ETA approval we can cover many different applications with these certified parts. It eliminates the need for individual structural acceptance tests.

Require longer inserts (from 30 mm up to 100 mm in length) for your projects while attaching importance to clean and fast assembling, then the SKL330 is the right choice! You will benefit from cost advantages saving time during processing and reducing the variety of inserts.

For further product information we have provided load tables and a How to Use for RAMPA type SKL330.
Contact us! Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on the numerous possible applications and sizes available.