RAMPAs sense of responsibility for humans and nature

Economizing while taking the environment into account – an absolute must for RAMPA, and not just recently! The topic of sustainability has always been a tradition for us. After all, climate protection is an issue where companies in the manufacturing sector, in particular, cannot afford to look away. Not least for this reason, we have made it our business to take responsibility for our own carbon footprint and to implement measures to reduce and compensate for greenhouse gases. Only by accepting climate change and its consequences as a global challenge it is possible to deal dutifully with raw materials and to fully protect nature.

True to the motto “Good idea. Let’s make it!”, we constantly question our actions and give everything to get a little closer to our goal of climate neutrality every day. We recognize our economic, ecological, and social responsibility in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and want to integrate it into our actions in the long term. Here you can learn more about our commitment to the ecological and social environment!

Social Commitment