Feb. 2023
The next generation of the SK insert is here!

RAMPA insert type SK330? The perfect choice! Difficult-to-turn-in inserts were yesterday: The new RAMPA insert type SK330 with patented 3-externalthread ...
Jul. 2022
RAMPA Tec will be exhibiting at the 2022 IWF Fair !

Dear customers, we are pleased to announce that we are back at the IWF Fair 2022! After two years of ...
May. 2022
High load capacities despite low HPL compact panel thickness? No problem for the RAMPA inserts type E!

The large numbers of advantages of HPL (high pressure laminate) compact panels are well known in numerous fields of application. ...
Apr. 2022
SKL330 – This superhero has an ETA title instead of a cape

We have a “newcomer” among our 330s that we want to introduce to you! The RAMPA insert type SKL330 joins ...
Feb. 2022
RAMPA named a top employer

We are honoured to be listed in the FOCUS top list of best employers in the medium-sized business sector. Each ...
Feb. 2022
Now new: Additional small packaging units!

With our smaller packaging units, which we have been offering for selected top products since the middle of last year, ...
Oct. 2021
The RAMPAfant introduces himself!

Hello dear RAMPA friend! For some months, I’ve presented myself now and then on social media and in our mail ...
Oct. 2021
All good things come in 330!

Inserts which traditionally have been difficult to assemble has now been solved: With our RAMPA insert type SKD330, the assembling ...
Sep. 2021
RAMPA Tec, your partner for fastening technology in North America, is listed and verified on !

The RAMPA team strives to guarantee its customers not only high security, continuity, and reliability, but also maximum flexibility. To ...
Sep. 2021
New at RAMPA: Smaller packaging units of our top products for a higher level of flexibility

The RAMPA team set the goal of guaranteeing its customers not only high security, continuity, and reliability, but also a ...
Jun. 2021
New sizes available for our insert type SKD30!

Our RAMPA inserts type SKD30 are well known for their nearly infinite application possibilities in numerous materials. As a manufacturer ...
May. 2021
Brevity is the soul of wit – Introducing our new addition to the RAMPA family- insert type E!

True to the motto “Brevity is the soul of wit” we developed the newest addition to the RAMPA family- insert ...
Mar. 2021
Sustainability – for RAMPA it’s old hat!

Topics like sustainability and responsibility towards the planet are not a passing trend for RAMPA. On the contrary: RAMPA is ...
Jan. 2021
SCIP ID's? – Good idea, let's make it happen!

We are pleased to inform you that from this day on you can retrieve the SCIP ID’S for your further ...
Apr. 2020
#stayhome and help slowing down the spread of the Corona Virus

Canada, Germany, Austria, or Poland – the only limit is the internet speed. We do not flinch from a virus ...
Oct. 2018
New insert processing machine for the highest of demands

When installing inserts in large quantities or harder materials, the processing speed and quality play an important role. RAMPA now ...
Sep. 2018
New universal insert type SKD30 for numerous applications

The SKD30 threaded insert provides a strong connection in all wood and wood related materials (both softwood and hardwood) along ...
Jul. 2018
Canadian and US patent for RAMPA threaded insert type SKD330

Again the Hans Brügmann GmbH & Co. has been awarded a significant patent for its threaded insert type SKD330 with ...
Jun. 2018
RAMPA insert type SKD330 is one of the finalists for IWF Challenger Award

RAMPA Tec Inc. is pleased to announce that the innovative patented insert type SKD330 has been named as a finalist ...
Apr. 2018
EU patent für RAMPA threaded insert type SKD330

Hans Brügmann GmbH & Co. has been awarded a significant patent for its threaded insert type SKD330 with its innovative ...


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