Automatic processing

Using RAMPA AIM, simply screw-in

When processing inserts in large quantities, the processing speed and processing quality play an important role. We have developed different solutions for these requirements which guarantee ease of use and greater productivity.

In addition, there are extensive tooling solutions and attachment parts for further processing optimization.

If accuracy and easy handling are important, the semi-automatic RAMPA AIM screw-in machine sets completely new standards.

There are two different models RAMPA AIM 2600 and RAMPA AIM 3900, which greatly facilitate screwing in of threaded inserts.

Regardless of the surface characteristics, a perpendicular and repetition safe assembly of the inserts is guaranteed – and this is totally automated.
The 2600 version uses a 2-way radial articulated arm, the 3900 variant uses a 3-way radial articulated arm for an even larger working radius.


  • Perpendicular screwing in
  • Repeatable processing quality
  • Positioning magnet for fast alignment
  • Quicker tool change
  • Consistent screw-in depth with an optical or mechanical depth sensor


RAMPA screw-in screwdriver

Special tools have been developed to support inserts with common tools and cordless screwdrivers. Assembly in special machine brackets and the avoidance of surface pressures during processing (screwing-out the insert with reverse running) were at the forefront.