Quality assurance

RAMPA has been renowned for over 100 years for its quality, safety and reliability.
We would like to present you with some key metrics here which the business management has presented for our in-house quality audits:


 The technical failure rate of the products leaving our premises lies under 0.1%


At least 70% of our customers buy our products again


The rate of errors in the order and logistics processing caused by our staff lies under 1% of the orders

Quality assurance with a clear focus on the “Products”

Even though our screws and inserts are mostly only a few millimeters in size, they still make a significant contribution to the final product. As a connecting element, they play a significant role in determining the quality and stability of your end product. Therefore, we are committed to a very high standard of quality – this is not just an empty promise, rather is something lived every day.

Process orientation is something which is often used today, but is not a meaningful measure in our opinion as it does not guarantee qualitative measurability about the ultimate performance of the products or services. Our internal quality assurance system is based on WPK 2+ which we introduced in 2014, and is used to guarantee our product performance and not the production processes.

Going above the requirements of ISO 9001, we have developed our in-house quality management WPK 2+ which has proven itself over decades. This sees continuous monitoring, assessment and evaluation of our production.

In addition, we have invested in the development of special science-based trails which are recognized throughout Europe. As a result, RAMPA has been awarded the European Technical Construction Approval (ETA) for special component assemblies. This guarantees the user fixed calculable load behavior of the products and gives clear and comprehensive guidelines for the use and processing of connection elements. To ensure consistent production, firstly it is defined that these products may only come from our in-house production and our own in-house production control is regularly certified by an accredited auditor.

With our performance declaration to the products we therefore guarantee the reproducible high-quality of our RAMPA products rather than the processes used. This is more useful to our customers than production processes, which may be difficult to understand by external observers. This makes us unique in the insert and threaded insert industry.

This represents our understanding of security, reliability and customer orientation and at the same time our quality promise to you.

ISO9001 versus WPK System 2+

ScopeWPK System 2+DIN ISO 9001
Standards and other specifications
Management, responsibilities, organization chart
Internal checks, employee training, documentation
Regular monitoring of production and test equipment, quality control and its documentation
Operational planning and control, work instructions
Ensuring administration and production processes including control measures
Quality targets, opportunities and risk balance, control of non-conforming process results
Product-related requirements and audits by external accredited bodies:
Technical requirements of the products including prototype testing in accordance with ETA-12/0481

Declaration of performance and CE labeling

Download our Declaration of Perfomance here:

PDF: Declaration of Performance in accordance with Construction Products Regulation (CPR) No. 305/2011/EU, assures the tansile capacity of RAMPA® inserts