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A truck with a crane safely lifting and moving a heavy timber element using the RAMPA lifting system.

Tested 1-Click RAMPA Lifting Agent: New Variant, New Possibilities

The RAMPA insert type X together with the load bearing type X, which together make up the RAMPA lifting system type X with 1-click system.

Wanting to move heavy wooden elements from A to B safely and easily? Our RAMPA lifting device is ian ideal solution for lifting walls and ceilings, with loads of up to 3.75 tons being lifted and moved safely! All general information about he RAMPA® lifting device including product data sheet, application video along with a expert opinion can be found here.

For even more flexibility, we have launched a new size variant (RAMPA Sleeve Type X D33). With this size, 90% of all timber construction elements up to 3,440kg are realized by reducing the minimum component thickness. Good idea. Let's make it!