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RAMPA is your professional partner for connecting technology. We have been orienting ourselves to customer requirements for more than 100 years, and quality is our top priority. Our high-quality inserts provide the required stability and long term load-bearing capacity for your structures in wood, metal and plastic. As a C-component supplier, we will provide you with a reliable supply of connecting and fixing elements for wood applications such as threaded sleeves, threaded inserts, screw-in nuts and pan-head screws. Connections that are extremely strong and can also be undone several times can be created with these RAMPA elements. Ordering your items is easy and convenient in our RAMPA Online Shop. There you will also find drive-in nuts and inserts for materials that are difficult to machine and metal applications such as carbide, cast aluminum alloys and hard plastics. We also manufacture sophisticated connection solutions which are temperature-resistant and flexible for plastics. Having trouble finding the right insert or thread for your structure in the RAMPA Online Shop? We will develop customized items for you and orient ourselves to the technical manufacturing aspects of series production in order to meet your high quality expectations. Be it connecting technology in wood, plastic or metal – you are welcome to contact us with your individual inquiry.

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Note: The offers are aimed at commercial interested parties. Therefore, all prices are, unless otherwise indicated, net plus applicable taxes.
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