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Social commitment at RAMPA

Empathic, binding, resourceful and tackling – RAMPA’s values are lived on all levels. They are not only evident in our contact with customers and suppliers, but also in our social commitment. We are aware of our responsibility towards our fellow human beings and would like to regularly give something back from our economic success. We regularly get involved in social issues that RAMPA can help to solve. Good idea. Let’s make it:

Our local commitment

We aRe oNe – Schwarzenbeks LEGO-Robotics-Team

We aRe oNe is a group of LEGO- and technology-loving children and young people from Schwarzenbek and the surrounding area (near Hamburg). The students build and program LEGO robots and use them to take part in the annual FIRST LEGO League competition.

The FIRST LEGO League is a worldwide educational program designed to give children and young people between the ages of 10 and 16 access to science and technology. to provide optimal learning and training conditions, the club in Schwarzenbek relies on supporters such as RAMPA that supports buying all needed materials and implementing training and competition.

Eisenbahnfreunde Schwarzenbek e.V.

Eisenbahnfreunde Schwarzenbek e.V. is one of the largest model railroad clubs in Germany. Every week, more than 200 young and old model railroad enthusiasts come together here to tinker together on the 300 sqm railroad landscape. The model layouts are built on self-made tables, whose elements are held together stably with our RAMPA inserts.

The association not only encourages intergenerational cooperation and team spirit among its members. Also the further development of personal interests, the technical enthusiasm of the younger generation and the free development of creativity are positive effects, which we support by sponsoring activities.

Our national commitment

DIN e.V.

The German Institute for Standardization e. V. (DIN) is an independent platform that sets market-driven norms and standards for Germany and worldwide. The purpose of the association is to develop specifications that, among other things, encourage global trade and ensure rationalization, quality assurance, protection of society and the environment, and general safety. DIN is the only nationally recognized standards organization in Germany that is financially supported by membership fees in addition to other sources of income.

Support of the wood industry

RAMPA has been around for more than 100 years. Since our roots are in the wood industry, it is of particular interest to us to offer support in this area. Master craftsman students are therefore provided with all the necessary fasteners for their masterpiece by us upon request. We also support the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences as a leading university in the wood sector. To strengthen the proportion of women in the trade, we also support the annual meeting of women carpenters, which offers extensive opportunities for individual further training.

Our international commitment

Christmas parcel convoy

The “Round Table Germany” network lends a hand with a wide range of initiatives and institutions. The Christmas parcel convoy is a heart project that the foundation organizes and implements every year. Shortly before Christmas, in particular kindergarten and school children in Germany pack presents with the help of their parents, which are then transported to needy children in Eastern Europe. The joy of the children who receive the gifts is enormous every year.

RAMPA also lends a hand with the Christmas parcel convoy: the employees have already helped twice to prepare the gifts for dispatch. True to the motto “We drive in”, the colleagues were able to pack and send around 400 parcels in 2019 and around 200 in 2020 together.