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Nous vous fournissons ici des idées sur les nombreuses possibilités d'application de nos inserts, vis, tournevis RAMPA et bien plus encore. Vous y découvrirez également les coulisses de RAMPA et nos nouveaux produits.

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The new RAMPA building in the making is shown. The driveway is paved.

Again a lot has happened at our new building!

The facade is up and the scaffolding, which still framed the building in summer, is no longer needed. The gray façade combined with the generous window fronts gives a fitting impression of how modern the architecture of the new building is.

Every day we can watch from our office window how fast the progress on our new building is going. On the pictures you can see how our new driveway was paved in one day. The speed at which the various trades are completing their work is truly remarkable! And our anticipation for our new workplace is rising and rising and rising...

The warehouse team can be seen in a group picture. In the background are RAMPA's warehouse racks and in the foreground RAMPA cartons, among others, are placed on a packing trolley.

Dear community,

we are the RAMPA warehouse team. From order selection to packing our goods to managing and organizing the warehouse, we do everything we can to make sure your ordered items arrive on time, safe and sound. Thanks to our knowledge of the items, availability and customer needs, your orders are always processed quickly and packed ready for shipment.

We have a high stock availability of almost 97% for standard items and 99% for items from our own production! Standard items are even shipped the same day for orders placed before 1pm and arrive within the usual delivery times....

RAMPA insert type SKL330 is presented in the foreground. In the background is a board on which a "330" has been laid out of inserts. The 330 stands for the 330 product series, of which the SKL330 is part.

SKL330 - The superhero with ETA title instead of cape.

We have a "new" candidate in our 330 series! The RAMPA sleeve type SKL330 joins our popular 330 series and is in no way inferior to its colleagues. On the contrary: The SKL330 shows real size and belongs on top to our power packs, which carry an ETA title.

If you need a longer socket from 30 mm up to 100 mm in length and attach importance to a safe, clean and fast processing, the SKL330 is the right choice for you!

Especially in areas of timber construction, where safety is paramount, the fastener with ETA certification is very popular...