Tested 1-click RAMPA® Lifting System

Want to move heavy wooden elements from A to B safely and easily? With the RAMPA lifting equipment, loads of up to 3.75 tons can be lifted and moved safely! The new version of our lifting system, the RAMPA insert type X D33, offers even more application possibilities!

The tested 1-click RAMPA® Lifting System with load suspension and insert is applicable in cross laminated timber, glue laminated timber, construction timber, laminated veneer timber and building beech. It is an all-rounder solution for lifting walls and ceilings realizing the following load carrying capacities:

+ Lifting a standing wooden component
+ Lifting a lying wooden component
+ Putting up and lifting a standing wooden component

Now, for even more flexibility, a new version has been launched. By reducing the minimum component thickness a coverage of 90% of all wood construction elements up to 3,440kg is realized.

As a leader in the field of fastening technology, it is important for us to focus on both user-friendliness and safety in all our products. We have succeeded in combining these two requirements with this lifting system.

Thanks to the innovative 1-click self-locking system, you can quickly achieve a form-fit connection between the component and the load suspension, which guarantees the safety requirements through self-locking. The shackle of the load suspension aligns itself correctly during lifting, which simplifies handling. Good idea. Let’s make it!

The RAMPA lifting system offers constant load-carrying capacity even in moist timber conditions.  Suitable drills and sockets can also be found at RAMPA. See for yourself how easily the RAMPA lifting system works!

In our load table you can see the different anchor points, as well as the maximum permitted values per version. Our values were calculated with a safety and a vibration coefficient of f2 = 1.3

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Product data sheet and load carrying capacities

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