Range for plastic applications

Muffe Typ ES mit breitem Schneidschlitz am metrischen Außengewinde erleichtert das Einschrauben in härtere Materialien

Type ES inserts with a wide cutting slot on the metric outside thread, makes screwing into harder materials easier

Type ES, ESK and ESD inserts all work with a conical neck and a wide cutting slot.
This ensures that the threaded insert cuts the required thread contour into the pilot hole while it is being screwed in.
This results in torques which ensure cost-effective manufacturing.

Muffe TYP BAN mit drei Schneidbohrungen im Außengewinde zur Unterstützung des Einschraubens in härtere Materialien

Type BAN insert with three cutting bores in the outside thread to support being screwed into harder materials

BAN, BAV and BAS product categories are for very hard materials and those which are difficult to machine.
By using cutting bores and a continuous coating surface, these inserts are very shape stable and withstand high loads during the manufacturing process.