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RAMPA is committed to sustainability, and not just since yesterday. This message is conveyed by the picture showing RAMPA inserts together with soil and a plant growing from a threaded insert.

RAMPAs sense of responsibility for humans and nature

Running a business and at the same time being environmentally responsible? For RAMPA an absolute must, and not just since yesterday! This is imperative for RAMPA, and not just recently! Sustainability has a long tradition at RAMPA and has a solid foundation: Our sustainable development is based on the three pillars that are given equal consideration and are interconnected: Ecology, economy and social issues in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Climate conservation is an issue that businesses in the manufacturing sector, in particular, simply cannot turn a blind eye to. That’s why we not only manufacture threaded inserts, but also get to grips with sustainability: To bring the topic to the foreground, the Executive Board set up a project team for “neo-ecology” in 2020. The team, comprised of managers from various departments, develops target-oriented measures to meet the increased ecological and sustainable consumer demands, to be a pioneer in setting new standards and to stay fit for the future.

The megatrend neo-ecology has evolved from the shift in society’s values and the consequent change in consumer behaviour. The social-ecological standards for production and inter-sectoral efficiency are set at a very high standard in neo-ecology. We see climate change and its consequences as a global challenge! Therefore, several years ago we made it our business to handle raw materials responsibly and to safeguard nature. We take responsibility for our CO2 footprint. We aim to implement measures for the gradual reduction or offsetting of greenhouse gases, ultimately aiming to achieve climate neutrality.

People are at the center of all our decisions. We are committed to fair and respectful dealings with all our business partners throughout our supply chain. We participate at the local, national and international level and, as an employer, are committed to fair working conditions and a pleasant and modern working environment. To meet the high demands, we also maintain a “New Work” project team that tackles all issues related to the topic. Our status as an employee-friendly employer is underlined by the FOCUS certification which we have been awarded. As a leading employer in the SME sector, we are committed to working together in a spirit of trust and continuously setting new standards.

Find out more about our ecological and social engagement here!