Canadian and US patent for RAMPA threaded insert type SKD330


Again the Hans Brügmann GmbH & Co. has been awarded a significant patent for its threaded insert type SKD330 with its innovative three external thread design.
Following the granting of the patent in Germany and in the EU the patent has now been granted in Canada and the United States.

The three external touch points prevent the insert from tilting when screwed in thereby allowing for perfectly straight installation every time. In addition, the new patented thread provides up to 2.5 times faster processing in all wood and wood related materials.

This threaded steel insert is zinc plated with a hex drive and is available in a range of different lengths, internal threads (metric and UNC) while providing the usual optimum pull-out strengths the industry has come to trust with RAMPA inserts. The SKD330 is manufactured with 100% quality control of all functional dimensions.

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Threaded insert type SKD330 with patented three external thread design