Working at RAMPA

Good staff – good products

It is not just our products which are very important to us, but also the people around them, our staff, who make our products what they are.
Our staff have ensured that we have been successful on the market for more than 100 years, and we are very grateful to them. We maintain a good cooperation and appreciate this pleasant interpersonal connection.

Our long history as a family-owned company results in continuity and security. We are working on the next generation of customers, staff and shareholders, and not on our share price. Normally our employees stay for many years in our company.
Notwithstanding the many long-time employees, some of whom with more than 25 years of service, we achieve a balanced average age of our workforce by training and employing younger candidates.
New ideas and long-term experience results from a successful blend of people and ensures the continuous development of our company.

Jobs with a feel-good factor

As a family business, we place great emphasis on a balanced work and family life. We have introduced a flexible working time model which enables a balance of efficient work design and the realization of private needs.

Thanks to technical and organizational solutions, we strive to achieve a natural rhythm of life for our employees.
Parental leave for male employees too, service breaks, care of parents, temporary working time changes, training alongside the job and placements abroad are only a few examples of how our employees value RAMPA as an employer.