About us

We at RAMPA have been concerned with connection technology since 1907. The company founder, Hans Herrmann Brügmann, developed the original design of our products to make the wood screws used in his daily work as a carpenter durably resilient. Without a loss in quality, one should be able to loosen and re-connect them several times – he achieved this developing the RAMPA insert.

Self-cutting inserts or threaded inserts are an integral part of construction elements in the wood, plastic and metal. Wood connections were the start of everything at RAMPA.

Emerging from a carpenter’s shop in Hamburg’s Bergedorf area, the family-owned company has now reached the fifth generation of owners. RAMPA inserts have stood for quality connection systems in the furniture industry for decades.

“Solid connections are the human demand for reliability.”

Kristina Brügmann

A “RAMPA insert” has become a common term for many people. Years of production experience, technical know-how and “Made in Germany” quality have made RAMPA the market leader. And not to forget – the intensive close co-operation with our customers by which we have developed the products.