Audited 1-click RAMPA® Lifting System

With the RAMPA® Lifting System heavy cross laminated timber, glue laminated timber, construction timber and laminated veneer timber up to 3,75 tons can be lifted and transported safely. The 1-click locking system ensures that a mechanical connection is quickly provided between the component and the load suspension device guaranteeing that the required safety is provided by means of self-retention. When lifting, the self-acting shackle adjusts itself correctly.

The audited 1-click RAMPA® Lifting System with load suspension and insert is an all-rounder solution for lifting walls and ceilings realizing the following load carrying capacities:

+ Lifting a standing wooden component
+ Lifting a lying wooden component
+ Putting up and lifting a standing wooden component

The RAMPA® Lifting System offers constant load carrying capacities even in moist timber conditions. Suitable drills and sockets for mechanical assembling are available directly from our RAMPA Online-Shop. See for yourself how easy the RAMPA® Lifting System works: